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Dominique A at the Musée d’Orsay

There’s something preternatural in finding oneself practically alone in a museum. You don’t see the artwork the same way. You take more time to look at them, to analyze them. […]



The Staves – ep2

It was a recurrent topic with the Staves. They had this desire, almost an obsession, to give to their music a heavier, deeper sound. They were seeking to distance themselves […]



Avi Buffalo

A month ago, these two tracks would have had a different echo. We would have seen them just for what they were : two songs from an album – the […]



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La Blogo autour du monde

Il y a un an, une agence est venue nous voir. Elle nous a présenté une marque qui voulait travailler avec nous. On a commencé à discuter et ce que nous avons décidé ensemble, c'est de faire le tour du monde.


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