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Bill Ryder Jones

It’s easy to forget that despite his doll face, angel hair and Leonardo DiCaprio circa Romeo + Juliet looks, Bill Ryder Jones has been playing music for about sixteen years […]



The Prettiots

Kay Kasperhauser and Lulu Landolfi are the absolutely real and indisputably excellent names of two of the funniest, most musically encyclopedic and adventurous humans you might find temporarily cast away […]



Tomorrow Tulips

Her name is Emilie. She plays guitar, she created a fascinating blog and she even launched a DIY magazine under the name of L’Autre Musique. It’s our younger editor so far, and we are thrilled to welcome her here for her first ever piece on Blogo and an impromptu cameo in Tomorrow Tulips’ Take Away Show.



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La Blogo autour du monde

Il y a un an, une agence est venue nous voir. Elle nous a présenté une marque qui voulait travailler avec nous. On a commencé à discuter et ce que nous avons décidé ensemble, c'est de faire le tour du monde.


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