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Mac DeMarco

Never take level 5 at Trois fois plus de piment.

When we met Mac DeMarco on this grey Sunday afternoon in February, he had just eaten at Trois fois plus de piment, a restaurant dedicated to spicy food where you can choose in between five levels of spice, from none to “my stomach is on fire right now”. Mac had obviously taken the level 5, and he wasn’t feeling very good about it a few hours later.

Whatever was happening in his digestive system though, Mac had his usual big smile on, somewhere between a kid about to go bananas and someone who’s gonna give you a free hug for no reason. And it’s after a few attempts to start a conversation in French and to cover the La’s “There She Goes”, with his good-heartedness, coolness and unique sense of showmanship, that he brought us to this little Parisian park to play two tracks from his new album, This Old Dog, surrounded by kids and drunk guys.

Mac DeMarco new album, This Old Dog, is out on Captured Tracks. Go get it or your whole family will be eaten by werewolves.
If you’re nostalgic of the Salad Days, we just reuploaded Mac Soirée de Poche filmed in 2013 here.