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Isaac Gracie

This voice.

It was mid-May and it was raining heavily. His train was two hours late. He had to go back to London that evening. The waiter was pretty rude ; the bar wasn’t cheap. And we couldn’t decide where to shoot in this not so sexy area of Paris.

Isaac was a bit grumpy, convinced that everything would go wrong. I was exhausted, but excited to hear him sing again. We were both chain smoking. I wondered if the dry shampoo he brought helped relieve his anxiety (certainly a first for a Take Away Show).

Without the terrible Autumn-like weather, it would have been easy for us to film him in a bucolic set up, and it would have been even easier to count on his Hanson / pre-drugs Macaulay Culkin looks and locks to catch the camera’s eye.

But Isaac is way more than just a pretty face.

So we got as close as we could to his scratched, deep voice, a voice way older than its owner; so close to his raw, emotive and almost grunge music that “Last Words” and “Terrified” enveloped us completely as he sang them alone on guitar, without affectation or pretence.


Thanks a lot to Tom for his precious proofreading.