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When I said “see you tomorrow”, they replied “maybe”. I have to admit that we trapped Money big time: the appointment was at 8am on a very cold February morning at St Merry’s Church, the day after their Parisian gig at Point Éphémère.

Let’s not maintain the unbearable suspense too long: they came, struggling with a bad hangover, sure, but ready to play in the freezing church even if it meant they could barely feel their fingers.

I’m not going to write about how much their sophomore record Suicide Songs, released this year, means to me. I already did a few months ago, and it was hard enough to find the words to describe my feelings towards this record then. This album is, whatever happens until December, my favourite album of the year – a beautiful, overwhelming and outrageous record that I will cherish until I die.

All I can say is that there was something haunting in the way Jamie recited his poem “prayer” before he started singing, and something almost sacred in the way they played an acoustic version of “You Look Like A Sad Painting On Both Sides Of The Sky” on guitar and piano, with a cello and violin to give the track the scale it has on record.

While everyone was busy filming, playing and recording, I stayed still and got goosebumps. The temperature in the church had, surprisingly, nothing to do with it.


Special thanks to Benjamin for his proofreading.