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Albert B.

What is more exciting than picking up bands at an early stage ? When first demos get released, when first EPs are spread all over the internet hoping that a small label will noticed them, or that a bigger one – for the luckiest ones – will approach them. What if Albert B. was instantly becoming your new favourite band?

Last December, when all the traditional music tops were being published, I remember complaining again about how these tops were a never-ending list of expected names. I thought it was sad that no one would use them as a good excuse to put some light on albums that were (sadly) released quietly.
I’m lucky because someone did posted the top I was waiting for and put Albert B. on my path.

Albert B. is 21 years old, counting. He’s from Philadelphia and now lives in New Orleans for Uni. His debut EP, No Good, got eventually released on tape in December after being available for download for free for months.

When Albert told Stay Curious Collective that he loves music that helps you getting to know the person who made it, I believe him because I listen to his songs like I would listen to a friend updating me on his life over the phone.

No Good is a 9 lo-fi rap tracks ep, 9 lascivious songs that remind me somehow about King Krule productions – Albert has rather listed Frank Ocean has one of his major influences.

20 minutes and 33 seconds, that’s barely what you need to get attached to him, the kind of boy who would give his personal cellphone number away on his Facebook page in case someone is alone for Thanksgiving.

Order the EP No Good on tape (also available via  via Third Floor Tapes) ou en digital
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Thanks Damien et Alban de Penny Lane for this precious tip.