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What is more exciting than picking up bands at an early stage ? When first demos get released, when first EPs are spread all over the internet hoping that a small label will noticed them, or that a bigger one – for the luckiest ones – will approach them. What if Wedding was instantly becoming your new favourite band?

I should have talked about Wedding and their debut single “Ruth” months ago. It breaks my heart to think I didn’t.

Wedding has a beautiful and improbable story that started on Craigslist, on which Thomas Craig (native of London, adopted by Manchester) and Zachary Taube (from New York) met in Berlin (improbable, we said).

A tape recorder purchase and a few demos later, their first EP, Wedding, was out on tape on RIP Records.

Wedding, the band, professes their love for Kurt Vile and Woods – there are worst influences, right ?
Wedding, the EP, brings back some kind of summer vibes. It reminds me of Craft Spells, Beach Fossils, some soft riffs that one could link to Mac DeMarco’s music (him again yes, don’t freak out)

There will be a full album soon, for sure. Maybe it will have a different sound because Thomas – who’s currently living in Manchester – now works without Zachary (who stayed in Berlin), and with a new band, on some new tracks. He already has a lot of songs, too much songs, he says.

Until then, we highly recommend that you go listen to that EP over and over again.

It would be silly not to take the chance to mention an other English artist that you should keep an eye on: Charles Howl, with whom Thomas Craig used to play before starting Wedding. His debut album was released last year, and it will definitely please psych-pop lovers.

Order Wedding EP on RIP Records
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