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The Prettiots

Kay Kasperhauser and Lulu Landolfi are the absolutely real and indisputably excellent names of two of the funniest, most musically encyclopedic and adventurous humans you might find temporarily cast away on the beaches of Venice during a NYC snowstorm. They call themselves The Prettiots, they know every song ever written, and they spent a week with me in LA making videos and lusting after Segways with newly SoCal hearts powerful enough to convince them of the urgency of Drake booty shorts and lower back tattoos.

We explored the boardwalk of Venice Beach, sourced beef jerky, eviscerated the rental car’s speakers with Billy Joel and Sean Paul and filmed two songs along a shoreline strewn with a peppering of goths, Lulu’s tragically gravity-prone ice cream cone and a non-stop panopticon of vape paraphernalia that threatened the productivity and credibility of the cast and crew combined.

They sang Queen and Dream Boy by sunset in paradise before separate cars burned straight to the airports as the paint dried on a Henna-stained Yankees jacket and an empty bag of Caribbean-spiced dried meat floated away in the evening breeze.

The Prettiots – Funs Cool, available on Rough Trade.