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Tomorrow Tulips

Her name is Emilie. She plays guitar, she created a fascinating blog and she even launched a DIY magazine under the name of L’Autre Musique. It’s our younger editor so far, and we are thrilled to welcome her here for her first ever piece on Blogo and an impromptu cameo in Tomorrow Tulips’ Take Away Show.

A little bit after they arrived, they told me they loved my Bikini Kill t-shirt and they all gave me a high-five. I had never seen them before, but because they talked to me in English, I understood it was them. I don’t know if they knew I was going to be there for the Take Away Show.

They looked like teenagers with their flaky nail polish, their dyed hair, Pringles in hands and mini-amps taped-up to their guitars.

Once they asked me if I wanted to be in the video, they gave me a guitar, I started to play and I didn’t dare moving – I was so scared I would miss a note or a word. I was just listening to the singer whispering slowly.

I was standing on the bridge, guitar in hand, hypnotised by a band I had discovered an hour before.

If you can read French, go have a look to Emilie’s blog, it’s awesome and it’s called L’autre musique.
Tomorrow Tulips will play Paris Psych Fest on June, 19th.
Translated from French by Ondine Benetier.