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Oiseaux-Tempête (feat. G.W. Sok & Gareth Davis)

There is a long story behind this Take Away Show. It started in Istanbul two years ago, or maybe 50 years ago – actually, maybe more. It includes verses of the greatest Türkish poet of the 20th century, Nâzim Hikmet, the voice of an avant-garde exiled Türkish folk singer called Tülây German who was recognized as a precursor of Istanbul 70s folk-rock scene, opening a door for better known artists like Selda Bağcan or Erkin Koray.

It ended in a Parisian apartment, last June, with Subrosa signed act Oiseaux-Tempête. Frédéric D. Oberland and Stéphane Pigneul released an album called Ütopiya?, a poetical, political and musical inquiry of the Mediterranean sea area, going even more far East than on their previous self-titled double Lp devoted to Greece. They invited the vivid and ardent ex-singer from The Ex, G.W. Sok,to join them, and Gareth Davis, a clarinetist well known for his duets with Elliot Sharp, Frances-Marie Uitti or Machinefabriek. They gave us a fragile and moving rendition of “Utopiya/On living” – an originally improvised piece in which the Türkish political history of the last century resonates with our present. The whole story is in French. You can read it here. The result though is in front of you.