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Juan Wauters

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Juan(s) Show!

Last December, Juan Wauters and his accomplice Tall Juan didn’t simply show up and play a couple songs from their upcoming album.

Lost in the middle of the enormous Place de l’Étoile (filming in front of the Arc de Triomphe was like their dream come true), windswept and drenched by the rain, we were in a bit of a tête-à-tête: Juan Wauters – defying every unspoken rule of the very dogma of the Take Away Show – directly addresses his audience, dedicates his songs (with a quick history lesson) and graces the camera a thousand times with direct eye contact and coquettish dance moves.

The subtle cinema of this colorfully-clothed Uruguayan obviously does nothing to diminish his songs – anti-folk, simple and direct, making his character even more endearing.

Tourists who braved the element that day weren’t mistaken, by the way – the carefree Juans were knighted and appear today in the vacation photo albums of at least 55 very enthusiastic Chinese tourists.


Translated from French by Lauren “Awesome” McCracken.