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Take Away Uganda : The Polyphonic Spree & The Very Best

We’ve all had a life experience where we were so moved that we immediately tried to translate it into words for our loved ones, an exercise in futility hoping to relay some small glimpse of what we felt by defaulting to grandiose adjectives like “amazing” and “community” and “UN-believable.” Words that could be more appropriately replaced with “indescribable.” We do this in hopes of placing the magic we experienced into the hearts of our loved ones who weren’t there to experience it with us.

When we traveled to Uganda a few years ago with The Polyphonic Spree and The Very Best it was one of those trips: indescribable. Luckily, where words fail, Blogo prevails and we have this time capsule to share with you all.

The intention of this film was to create a collaborative musical mosaic of moments in a time and a place where being free of fear is a new reality not taken for granted and worth celebrating.

The contributors were from all over the world: a heart-forward quasi-family of Texans, a Swedish DJ, a Malawian singer, a half-Kenyan-Nigerian-born-raised in Holland/England/Ecuador guitar player, a pair of French artists, some Americans and of course our incredible Ugandan hosts and musicians.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this film possible, especially our beloved Ugandan father, Janani Norman Okot who performs at the beginning of this film and has since passed on.

If you’d like to support organizations in the region please look into the following: