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ALB – The VidéoMusical

A drone, a stadium, a tuba, a covered market, karaoke, a sofa smashed on a roof, a chapel, knives and forks, beers, a brass band … A Take Away Show with ALB all in two days. A beautiful, young madness.

ALB’s real name is Clément. And Clément is wild. Clément is a whirlpool, a flood of energy, of ideas. This is felt in his playful music, which hops between genres. One could see this by watching his clips (one which will invade your computer), a fact confirmed when we embarked on his VidéoMusical.

We will invade the market!
It would be cool to record the video with some friends on a roof…
I know a chapel where we could play.
Or maybe take over a restaurant ?
I have access to a football stadium, where it would be cool to record the song !
Oh, wait, with fanfare and choirs, the video would be nice on a lawn.
It would be great to film that with a drone!
Wait, we could go sing karaoke. Better yet, I’ll save my own karaoke song and sing over at the Curt’N Club…


Well, we did everything together. It was a great adventure, filmed as if we were in another time. A carefree time.

Translated by Dylan Hofstetter