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Courtney Barnett in Paris

Courtney Barnett is right in the moment of a small indie artist’s life when, starting to walk where everyone wants you to, where your entourages presses you to, missing even a single step to your ascension would be unfortunate. The tour never seems to end, every city seems to look like the other, and each concert comes with a shovelful of promotional requests. Courtney Barnett is in Paris, Courtney Barnett is exhausted. 

This is felt in her large, lost eyes, gazing towards the roof of the passage while she recounts a sad story of visiting a property in a small Australian town. This is felt in her voice, more hoarse than usual, and even more touching, a careless indifference towards her surroundings.

We think back to the first session we shot with her, the day when she first set foot in New York. She was very timid. She also asked about everything, a surprising calm when you know how bouncy and energetic she is on stage. But undoubtedly it is the strength of her stories (they are so precise and truly personal) that allows easily for a dynamic rock or a timid interpretation.



Translated by Dylan Hofstetter