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Villagers – Hot Scary Summer

We’ve enjoyed seeing him so far as an incredible storyteller. Conor O’Brien tells many tales. He knows only how to cling to the rhythm of his scansion, which could have satisfied him, but no, he likes more to dress them up, his stories, staging them, giving them power, making them orchestrated, epic, dancing. This shy and timid man knows how to transport us.

And so, here he is again, with a long, well groomed beard. His constant blue eyes are alive and curious, ready to pounce. He had a new guitar and new things to tell us. They were just intimate, this time.


He opened the doors of the Chapelle Expiatoire. The location was just as splendid as empty, like a shell, ready to receive what would be sung and to send it back. Places with a lot of reverberation have a singular force that sends sound back to where it came from like a reflection of the singer. The force and the depth of a song are thus multiplied tenfold. And Conor, who played a particularly intimate song, transported us no further than his own face; he sang and told us in detail of all the scars that created this masterpiece.


Translated by Dylan Hofstetter