La Blogothèque

ALA.NI & Villagers

This is the kind of moment we don’t dare dream about. It’s the kind of moment that we prefer, here at la Blogothèque: when we manage to provoke a moment of pure creation, assisting something that creates itself even when being filmed; something that is born during filming.

We opened the doors of the Chapelle Expiatoire for a few hours, deciding to first film Villagers, then ALA.NI. We were told that creating a link between the two artists could get interesting, so we decided to have them say hello between the two shoots.

We prepared to film the scene. All three of us were outside, in front of the door. I was next to Conor, was on the other side of the door. Conor started to strum a few cords on his guitar.
ME : Is that “Cry me a River” ?
CONOR : Yes !
ALA.NI : Oh, I love that song !
ME : You know it ?
ALA.NI : Yes, a bit
ME : Would you play it ?

Just like that, five minutes later, they were playing together in the chapel. and Conor hadn’t practiced, not knowing each other ten minutes before. And they played the sweetest of covers. And us? We were happy to have made a beautiful memory.


Translated by Dylan Hofstetter