La Blogothèque

La Blogo at the Vie Sauvage Festival

From June 12 to the 14, the Vie Sauvage festival takes place in Bourg at the Gironde estuary for three days of music, expositions, and local food. We’ll be there for a DJ set.

This is the story of a group of friends who decided to create a festival in their childhood vacation spot. A story of music, wine, and art, the festival is already in its 4th edition. The history of Vie Sauvage (wildlife) will continue this year from June 12 to 14 in many locations across the city of Bourg, in the beautiful Gironde estuary, 30 minutes from Bordeaux.

Since we love this type of story, good wine, good music, and eating in general, we will be going to the Vie Sauvage festival to fulfill the kind invitation for a Blogo DJ set, where we will probably play “Africa” at least seven times.

Besides our humble DJ set, the festival will surely host some well known names: Barbarossa, Thousand (who we invited to our New Year’s party, remind yourself) Botibol, Forever Pavot, Thylacine, I Me Mine, Martial Jésus, N U I T, Staticobserver, Volcan, Thomas Skrobek and many other trendy DJs that you can listen to on the playlist below.

To prepare for the third edition, the Vie Sauvage team took part in the Point FMR in Paris on the night of May 9 (more info here) where the Blogothèque will also be on deck. Come have a drink with us before the big weekend in June.

You can find all the complete information about the festival on the Vie Sauvage website, on their Facebook page, or the event page. Travel information can be found here.



Translated by Dylan Hofstetter