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Rone – “Quitter la Ville” at Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport

When emptied, a terminal is an isolation bubble – a world in itself with its horizon and its sky, an infinite space to fill. That’s what Rone, accompanied by Frànçois Marry and Gaspar Claus, did. They dropped their piece, “Quitter la ville” into this greedy void.


The magic of a shoot often finds itself condensed in one single instant, which alone makes you realize the beauty of what’s to come.

It was past midnight. The last flight had just left for Buenos Aires, and terminal 2E of Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport was barren. While Rone installed and adjusted his computers right on the floor, while Gaspar Claus warmed up on his cello, Frànçois wandered around the endless passage, under a gigantic wooden dome – a shell, too high to be a ceiling, not quite high enough to be the sky – but not far off, leaving enough in any case for it to exist beyond our gaze, for it to have its own horizon.

So Frànçois meandered, and facing this small infinity, he began to sing for the first time. He stopped almost right away: he hadn’t pushed his voice very much but it had gone far and with such surprising strength that he asked us if we’d amplified him without saying so.

But no. The space just had perfect acoustics, able to muffle the sounds that were supposed to stay low, and propel those that wanted only to fly. It’s in this little moment of collective incredulity when, in an instant, none of us could believe what we’d just heard. We were sure something crazy was afoot.

You have this magic in front of you and in your ears now, the almost organic dialogue between Rone’s machines and Gaspar’s old cello. Frànçois, who sings for himself and everyone else at once. This shell, which becomes translucent once we turn off the lights – and the simple fact that we could even ask to turn off a terminal’s lights, or sing into its PA system. You can now see it in the classic Take Away Show format that you’re familiar with, and in Virtual Reality – something we did for the very first time thanks to Okio Studio talent and SWAO skills (more infos at the end of the article).

To inhabit a deserted space. To be so small, and fill a place so big, and yet so greedy, with magnificent music. To vanish inside the shell, alone in the world – in this world that is an airport.

Rone – “Quitter la Ville” at Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport in Virtual Reality*


This film would not have been possible without the invitation, dedication and incredible organization of the people of Aéroports de Paris. They opened the space to us, of course. However, they were also the ones who helped us get kilometers of cables and kilos of material through security, who established our connection with the agent in charge of terminal lighting, who turned off the overnight AC, arranged sign posts and kept their cool when the first flight from Tokyo was due to arrive in an hour and we’d only just started to clean up. Thank you.

*The version of the video above allows you to watch the film without an app in 360° (also watchable on Littlestar and Vrideo). If you want to see “Quitter la ville” in virtual reality, you must download an app on Androïd, Apple, Samsung (Milk VR) or Oculus Share stores, and have special equipment for virtual realité like Oculus or Google cardboard. More infos on

Translated by the amazing Lauren McCracken