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My Brightest Diamond

I remember quite well the first review that made me go out and buy a record. It was in September 1994, in a French magazine. The writer was praising Grace, Jeff Buckley’s first album, and was declaring his love and admiration for admiration for it without boundary

“It’s pure magic, it’s mystery, it’s a tidy mess. This is too much… Too beautiful, too strong. A masterpiece. Guys like this guy depress me. They’re too good, gifted. Hats Off…”

My Brightest Diamond opened her Soirée de Poche with a cover of “Gunshot Glitter”, one of Buckley’s lesser known songs, and my admiration for her equals the admiration this writer had for him (Buckley) some 20 years ago.

Except for this: Shara Worden doesn’t depress me. She’s the kind of human being who elevates, who pulls everything higher, the shoulders and the dreams, the looks and the smiles. She’s strong, powerful, rich with joy, beauty, wisdom. Her voice is loud, yet soft, the voice of a mother wolf always in tune, even if she has to lead a marching band, to jump and dance as she sings (not sure this last bit really works but I love everything leading up to it). Her songs are as precise, complex and clear as watchmaking. And yet they also are blocs of energy and emotion, reaching inside of you and bringing you to tears. Give her a guitar and a pedal; put her with a quartet or a marching band; a floor tom or a kazoo, or leave her with nothing at all save her voice, and she’ll knock you out.

We knew she’d be the perfect guest for a Soirée de Poche, however she exceeded our expectations. She started the show in a bedroom and ended it in the kitchen. She had us doing weird arms choregraphies, wearing owl masks and singing choruses, and building a cocoon around her. She danced like crazy, she played three instruments at once, and even sang a stupid and fun eurodance karaoke at the end of the set.

Above all, she offered us a rare moment of beauty, the French version of “This is My Hand”, and its delicate dance in the middle of the small crowd. Every time we film her, Shara Worden leaves us with an everlasting souvenir. We will cherish all of them, and continue to dig for more of these diamonds.


I Had Grown Wild, My Brightest Diamond new ep which features the French version of “This is My Hand” that we premiered here back in January, will be out on May 18th. You can already order it here in digital (a vinyl will be out this summer).

Shara will be playing at Primavera Festival on May 31st in Barcelona, at Lunar Festival on June 6th in Birmingham and at Field Day on June 7th in London.

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