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In the voluminous chambers of the Knockdown Center, there is no hope for any physical contribution filling the vacuum between the walls. As Britt Daniel found when he visited us during the October build of our production, Debut, the space has a way of pulling feeling out of the body, an attempt to fill the void and achieve a temporary equilibrium.

We first settle in the overgrowth of our back room set, a barricaded section of our playground where two characters revisit disjointed memories of loss. On this day though, it is filled with redemption and affirmation, Britt’s song playing to a private audience of Hannah Epperson making slow work of a breakfast of oats.

Our piano soundly exercised, we make our way outdoors through the catacombs of the lower level. We enter the roofless enclosure that bore the weight of the final scenes of the Wilder Papers a season prior. Britt again belies the notes to be struck that evening in rehearsals and fills the tattered sail of the long­derelict structure with the breath of his song.