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St Paul & The Broken Bones, episode 2

Quelques jours avant le début de leur longue tournée française, on vous offre une troisième vidéo bonus du Concert à Emporter de St Paul & The Broken Bones tourné en mai dernier.

Do we really need to explain again why you must listen to St Paul & The Broken Bones and why you must go see them live as soon as possible? We already told you so when we published two videos of their Take Away Show, “Half The City”, played in the middle of le Louvre’s Cour Carrée, and their crazy cover of Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You” that made me cry like a kid last year.

What we didn’t tell you though was that, at the time, we kept a third video secret – another track from their first album, “It’s Midnight”, shot in the street near Le Louvre museum.

The band is about to start a huge European tour, so we thought we should give you this little gift and maybe the last undecided minds will be convinced that the only place they have to go in the days to come is a St Paul & The Broken Bones show.

And if you are still doubting, just keep in mind that this video ends with “I’m going to the dentist, you are saving my life.


St Paul & The Broken Bones are on tour in Europe. Find all the dates on their website.