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The Staves – ep2

It was a recurrent topic with the Staves. They had this desire, almost an obsession, to give to their music a heavier, deeper sound. They were seeking to distance themselves from the accurate – but too narrow – image of those three sisters who know how to harmonize their voices in a beautiful way.

Recording their new album with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver was the first step toward this goal. Now, they just had to give a live session that would make it real, with fiercer guitars and a steadier rhythm. They decided to entrust us with the task.

We had the afternoon to showcase the band’s full potential and reveal its different sides. It actually went pretty softly. Their performance of « Don’t you call me anymore », in a noisy Blackfriars, was filled with melancholy. They then took up the entire room with a percussion-driven version of « Black & White ». Finally, they  invaded the kitchens, surprising us with an unplanned performance of « Teeth White ». They were happy, they were resolute, they were soft, and they were fierce.



Translated by Johan Diouf