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Avi Buffalo

A month ago, these two tracks would have had a different echo. We would have seen them just for what they were : two songs from an album – the second one –  by a talented 24-year-old songwritter with a high-pitched voice that we cherrish. At Best Cuckold, a record that we’ve been listening to on repeat since it went out last year, played acoustically and beautifully in a not so beautiful skatepark and an abandoned house near Paris.

But a few months after we shot this Take Away Show, Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg announced that Avi Buffalo was over. No more desire. No more energy. A conviction that this band, founded when he was 15, became bigger than it should have had and ended up almost consuming him. We know the frightening feeling an artist can get of being swallowed by its own creation.

In the light of this events, it’s hard for us not to see these tracks as weird premonitions. The first one is called “So What” – an affirmation, without question mark, nor doubts, just like the long text a seemingly exhausted Avi wrote when he told the world that his band was splitting a few weeks ago.

The second is named “Won’t Be Around No More”,a premonitory title chosen months (years maybe?) before the idea of splitting the band was born in Avi’s head.

We don’t like goodbyes here at Blogo, but if we have to do it, we’re glad it’s happening in such a beautiful and prophetic way.