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Run The Jewels

The members of Run the Jewels were exhausted, that night. Still, they remained the kings. They gave everything they had and embraced a very skeptical audience, which eventually ended up dancing by the end of the show. We had never seen such a mix of happiness and anger, an amazing mix.

We had already filmed some hip-hop artists in the past. Sometimes, it can be hard to work with them: even though you give your maximum, you can always be sure that they won’t do the same. But Run the Jewels proved us wrong: they were simply unbelievable.

Let’s sum up. Killer Mike and EI-P had just landed from the US, were very tired since they had barely slept, had had lots of interviews and had to take a flight back home the day after. The show took place at la Recyclerie, a beautiful but derelict old train station, where we had to build up a stage ourselves.

It was freezing outside and the people in the audience still had their coats on (since La Blogo jokingly forgot to provide a cloakroom), which isn’t really comfortable when it comes to dancing… Plus, the audience was far from being made of the same kind of fans that had been completely fired up at la Bellevilloise a few weeks ago (you know, Parisian indie boys are shy compared to Americans).

But, as we said, Run the Jewels were the kings of the world that day. Their record had just won the Album of the Year award on both Pitchfork and USA Today, which was a really unexpected combo. They certainly were exhausted champions, but champions anyway. And they gave a show that went far beyond our expectations.

They never gave a minute for the audience to catch their breath. They mocked them, astonished them, and engaged them in a formidable show. They were on fire; Killer mike was dancing, playing with the cameras, shouting all over the place. EI-P was telling stories, jumping like he had waited for this moment for 10 years. They were truly having fun and, that day, nothing could have stopped them.

At the end, they were the winners. They had won over this reluctant audience. People were sweating under their coats, their hands up in the air. Everybody knew why they were jumping. Bravo Run the Jewels.

Translated by Johan Diouf