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Fictonian – Double Negative

We know nothing about Fictonian. We have but a single photo of him, taken from afar, and until now we’d only heard one of his pieces, “Full Circle Influence” – slow, repetitive and intoxicating; like a timeworn mantra on which layers and motifs come to accumulate. A piece rich enough to spark our curiosity, in any case.

We won’t know any more about him. But today we can hear a second song from the young man (whom we know is English). It’s called “Double Negative” and it’s softer, lighter and more melancholic all at the same time. It resembles a thousand other songs just like it, the last descendant of a long line of bittersweet tears, sung by sad boys who think they’re all alone. A dynasty of melancholy of which we’ll never tire.

We’re happy to have you listen to it and, as a bonus, to show you the charming Post-It video clip that goes along with it, directed by a creative teenager.

Translated by Lauren McCracken