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Rodrigo y Gabriela

Twelve strings, four hands and one astounding display of agility: Rodrigo y Gabriela don’t simply play the guitar, they bring it to life.

They hadn’t seen each other for six months. They seemed excited to meet again. Happy to be there, among the stalls of the Marché des Enfants Rouges, despite the cold.

Gabriela asked us for a glass of hot water. Then a second. Then a third. We thought she was drinking a lot of tea. It was just for warming up her hands, which were frozen and frankly not quite ready to show off their dexterity.

Rodrigo y Gabriela: two souls, but more specifically four acrobatic hands, twenty phalanxes that fly with frightening speed over the strings of their guitars.

We wanted to put them face-to-face, very close to one another, these two who are so often only side-by-side. We wanted to see the looks of the people passing by or having lunch, flabbergasted by Rodrigo and Gabriela’s fingers. We also wanted to hear their voices, something rare. We got two blissful smiles. Five if you count our own.

Translated by Lauren McCracken