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Amen Dunes

I remember having read that Damon McMahon responded plainly, “I’ve had many lives” in an interview when asked about his past. His atypical path in life makes it seem, however, like he’s lived through incredible things, especially during hard years spent in China.

But, let’s face it – this character is miles away from the annoying stereotypical adventurer who brags about his experiences. No, Damon McMahon is not in the business of showing off. With this guy, like in his songs, there’s a mix of simplicity and amazement, but also an underlying wisdom that knows how to keep you listening.

The practice of the Take Away Show is, in this case, the perfect reveal – in the photographic sense of the word. By dissolving the gloss of production, by stripping the songs of all effects, we capture the very essence of Amen Dunes’ compositions: folk songs with impressive maturity. And as universal as can be, like in the title of their latest album, Love.

There’s not much to add to this video. Of course, you can choose to look for some hidden meaning or masked mysticism when the echos of Damon’s voice resonate with the outline of the Notre Dame. Or simply let yourself be quiet and as untroubled as we were there, on that Sunday afternoon.

Amen Dunes will perform at the Heart of Gold, Heart of Glass festival on September 19 and 20 at The Chabada in Angers, as part of Levitation France.
For Parisians, there’ll be a concert at Point Ephémère on November 25.

Amen Dunes – Love (LP), available at Sacred Bones/Differ-ant


Translated by Lauren McCracken