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Jack White at Château de Fontainebleau

Walking through the Fontainebleau castle’s grandeur, the privilege of being alone in this place steeped in history was not lost on any of us, nor was the honor of watching Jack White sat in a corner, casually playing on his old guitar.

The June afternoon went by too quickly and left us feeling that what just happened wasn’t real life. That Jack never really walked through the heavy door of the Saint-Saturnin Chapel. That his voice, so wonderfully familiar, and yet so intimidating at the same time, never really echoed against the stained-glass windows. His and Lillie Mae’s boots never treaded upon the stairs to the rooftop of the castle, and their eyes never gazed upon the astonishing alignment of its formal French gardens while singing an amazing strip down version of “Entitlement.”


All this could have been a dream if “The Same Boy You’ve Always Known” hadn’t then lingered, haunting the chapel long after Jack White’s departure.

The bells began to ring as we were leaving, pulsating through our every fibre and signalling the end to a day we still weren’t entirely sure happened. With their vibrations still lingering through our bones, we gave a collective last look over what had, only moments prior, been the scene of the most surreal Take Away Show we’ve ever done. As we closed the chapel doors and walked away, I swear I could hear Jack’s footsteps behind us.


German friends, the Take Away Show is also on Dailymotion.

Translated with help from Mandy.