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La Blogo loves Brazil

Soccer isn’t the only great thing in Brazil. There are also fantastic artists we went to film in their city, São Paulo.

It’s the World Cup in Brazil but we decided to forget about soccer for a while and show you a serie of Take Away Shows filmed by our director Jeremiah in 2011 and 2012 in the beautiful city of São Paulo.

Every week until the end of the World Cup, we will disclose three new videos of Brazilian artists we love, from A Barca, Criolo, Dom La Nena, Apanhodor So, Emicida, Kiko Dinucci and Luisa Maita, to Rafael Castro, Meta Meta, Lucas Santtana, Mallu Magalhaes, Thiago Pethit, Tulipa Ruiz and Rodrigo Campos.

Until that, here is a short film, Arua Amusica, that Jeremiah made to celebrate the city and its life. The Take Away Shows are coming soon.