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Bear’s Den

Leaving for Bushmills largely means heading to the far north of Ireland

There, the countryside is always green, the sheep well fed and the sea is dramatically torn up by a coast which served as the set for some of the greatest scenes of Game of Thrones.

Some kilometres from the distillery we find the Giant’s Causeway, basalt formations which throw themselves into the sea and form a breathtaking landscape. And as Bear’s Den have some free time that afternoon, we decide to take a car and make a tour.


That was at the end of the day, the tourists had gone home and we had the site at our disposition. Settled facing the sea, Bear’s Den started up ‘Sophie’, a title from their next album which is expected for the end of the year. They were alone, both isolated from the tumult and strongly connected to each other. In the distance we could see Scotland, and the polyphony of their harmonies worked wonders in this scenery of the end of the world.

After the music stopped, we all had the feeling that something special had happened; and to stay a bit longer on the Causeway together was the opportunity to extend this magic moment.