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Julianna Barwick – The Harbinger / Ash Day

“Drive towards this park… pass all the huge fields of moss and the pony farms. You’ll see a series of mountains in the distance and the coast to your side. I guess these are terrible directions, that could lead you anywhere in Iceland.” Alex Somers

By the time Julianna and I arrive at Crystal Lake, the sun is hanging low and our GPS just shows a blinking light in the middle of an empty grid. We haven’t seen another car for an hour or two. The air is chill and impeccable clean. We hike down the mountainside and stake a claim on the lakeshore.

Iceland is a broad and magical island with ample space to allow a sound or a perspective to expand and be enriched by the landscapes and it’s welcoming people. For a few months in 2012, Julianna and I had the privilege to do just that.