La Blogothèque

Empty Space n°1 – FOALS – Late Night

Take a band, let’s take Foals for example. Prep their amps, the drum kit, everything they need to play their music with the maximum intensity possible. Put all of that in a stunning and iconic setting somewhere in Paris, like the library at the Hôtel de Ville. Clear the space, and let the group to play. There you have it, that’s ‘Empty Space’, the Blogothèque’s newest video series produced with the help of Converse.

First of all, there are the spaces. In seven years, we like to think we’ve covered all of Paris, filming groups everywhere we could–in the streets, in apartments, in cafés, elevators and markets. But there are a few thresholds we have yet to cross: the historic and breathtaking, the secret and forbidden are now ours for the taking.
And then there are the artists whose music we never dared unplug, whose sets we wanted to capture at full volume. We tried for the first time with Battles last year when we filmed them at the Hôtel de Ville, and the resulting Takeaway Show was more exciting than anything we could have hoped for. We all agreed we had to recreate the experience.

It took time; we needed someone to grant us access to the places we wanted, someone who could give us the means to fulfill our totally insane ambition to film behind locked doors. So the Mairie of Paris agreed to lend us some keys, and Converse, who shared our desire to create an ambitious new series, something crazy that translates in an almost physical way the experience of live music, raw and unedited. ‘Empty Space’ was born.