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Sometimes listening to sad music is the right thing to do. It gets us through the shit times. Whether it’s a loss, a heartache, or a general sense that life just sucks at that particular moment, listening to melancholy music allows us to feel like we’re not alone. That at least someone out there understands how we’re feeling and you convince yourself that wallowing in that pain is the only possible way to get over whatever nonsense you’re trying shake.

Happily, sometimes music can remind us just how amazing life really is.

That’s the way I feel when I listen to HelloGoodbye. All of a sudden the sun shines brighter, the jokes are funnier, the eyes are wider and every possibility is full of adventure.

Before shooting HelloGoodbye’s take away show a friend asked me to describe their music and I said, “it’s like a bunch of flowers made love to a rainbow and had a baby.”

Only these babies can sing. And are hipsters.

When we met HelloGoodbye they were unsurprisingly full of life. Excited to do whatever—we could have asked them to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and I swear, so long as we filmed it and we jumped it with them they would have done it. I mentioned that I wanted to find a flower shop and they, of course, jumped all over that idea. Then we walked past China Town to a park where they treated some unsuspecting children, who most likely will never remember the sweet encounter, to an unreleased song. It was one hell of an afternoon—the kind that reminded us just how amazing life really is.