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He arrived at the worst possible moment; right in the middle of rehearsals for Jon Spencer’s “Soirée de Poche”, just after I had been yelled at by the old rocker. I went into the street to find him and brought him up to the apartment where sound engineers, directors and cameramen were running in all directions. He stayed standing in the kitchen and I imagined the fear and confusion that must have taken hold of him. He is Danish, quiet and reserved. He had arrived alone, in a taxi, with the address of the meeting written on a piece of paper. He was taller than everyone else and the only one not moving – like a lighthouse in the midst of a storm.

This is the story of Søren. He still doesn’t seem to really know why he was there, in the same way that he doesn’t seem to have realised what is happening to him in general. He has been signed to a major label (4AD) after two of his demos appeared on a blog, he is travelling the world, giving concerts and now finds himself in Paris singing his songs in the street. Though he hasn’t yet realised it, he has accepted it calmly-letting himself be swept along by the current. And God only knows his melodies soar. They twirl around, lightly, able to fill the space of a huge studio without weighing down the atmosphere.

We would like to see Søren again to ask him what state he was in that day. Because he barely said anything. He played. Something that he will be doing plenty of from now on.

Translation from french to english by Ella van der Klugt