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High Life / Cat Martino

Brooklyn Bridge Park, in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn’s northwest end is one of it’s most beautiful destinations. A restored ferry dock with two Civil War structures nested between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges with a full view of Manhattan’s skyline, romantic capital of the borough, there are few places more suited to music at sunset.

Over the years, no matter what my level of malaise for the iconic sights and sounds of this great city, the sudden illumination of the bridges just after sundown will never fail to remind me of the perpetual allure of New York City.

In the spring of 2010, we wandered down to the Empire-Fulton Ferry with Doug to hear him perform two covers of classic Caribbean songs in the style of his meditative and warmly droning High Life persona.

Two years later, Grimaldi’s famous pizza has moved around the corner, Jane’s Carousel has survived two hurricanes, and the Tobacco Warehouse has been host to hundreds more weddings. We follow Cat Martino, fresh off of a tour with Sufjan Stevens and armed with brand new songs for her upcoming debut LP, for another evening watching the sun creep down behind the majestic cityscape for another night of sleep.