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The Lumineers

If you’re an early listener of The Lumineers, you probably feel like they were supposed to be your little secret. My best friend Joel, who is the sound engineer on these sessions, had sent me their album in March. No one knew about them then and I took great pleasure introducing them to people around me. It was fun seeing their unsuspecting eyes and hearts melt and their feet go from taping to full on stomping as they listened through their record. It was amusing.

But then something unexpected happened. Something that rarely happens to talented indie folk artists.

They got big.

No longer was I introducing people to their music, but people (people that I had never met before) were sending me emails asking me to shoot their Take Away Show.

Here’s one from someone in the North East:

“Hi there, I don’t know you, but could you please shoot a Take Away Show with The Lumineers. Please. Pretty please. It would be tremendous to see what Blogotheque and The Lumineers would do together… If you don’t know them yet. You are going to frame this email one day.”

After weeks of going back and forth with the band—who by the way are some of the most humble, nicest, and up-for-anything kind of folks in music you’ll ever meet—they finally arrived in San Francisco. They played an epic festival that afternoon and I suggested we meet for a beer across town to step away from the madness. What I didn’t fully anticipate was that the madness would eventually come to us.

The afternoon took different shapes and sizes, so we decided to split these sessions into two parts.  So come back next week to watch a different flavor and color to this incredible band.

Part. 2