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Dakha Brakha

– The place is a bit like a gym. But in impoverished Soviet style, in an open space with parades of proud biceps and bad homemade alcohol
– Can we go film there?
– I don’t know, but it is pretty populated as you like it. The main beach on the Dniepr is just next to it, full of fat chess players and outdated orthodox churches.
– We will do that tomorrow. DakhaBrakha, in the best theater in the Ukraine.

The night began well under way but I had finally found where to take a unique show.

It had been a week since I had been lost in this huge city of Kiev. The big sidewalks seemed satisfied with the long legs of beautiful women that passed by them. The city had undergone the change of a 2012 Euro that had popularly renovated the exteriors and alleys and the energy of the city in the plain month of August seemed difficult to situate anyone looking for Bohemia. It is no longer Lviv, but not yet Odessa.

The only group that I had planned to film in the city played traditional and religious music in a purist manner. It had been several months that I had embarked on an avid search of the past to film again, but everyone is not always up for the romantics and I quickly fled the musical reactionaries that are stuck in the past without building bridges. “Bridges!” I yelled while watching the huge river that divides Kiev.

Finding myself a little distraught and wanting to leave the city, I was, one evening, reassured by a young man named Eugene. He told me about a band with the unpronounceable name, DakhaBrakha, and told me justly that they are all about bridging between yesterday and tomorrow, for the young people of today. The formula is easy but is suited exactly to this fabulous, huge, hilarious group which I could speak more of that is DakhaBrakha.

Coming from the theater « Dakh, » a place of local experimentation worship, their name means « give/take » between old Ukraine dialect, placed on the local soil (but is that Ukrain today?) fleeing quickly towards the global but elegant horizons. Their record production can seem a bit suffocating, perhaps lost in too many possible productions (the misfortune of hands-on engineering) but their performances all cross a deeply moving flame.

There is nothing more to add because the pleasure of slipping in those small words between two videos is accompanied by certitude – that you just discovered one of the best bands in the world.