La Blogothèque


It took fighting, being patient, enduring many postponements, and staying determined despite constant doubt. Things were so erratic that even in the very days before the Soirée de Poche, when all was technically confirmed, we were still in a state of fantasy. We were preparing some sort of unreal event, and Feist was equally concrete and elusive even before she had arrived. We could only cling to the idea of Feist during our preparations. This idea of her we built was impacting the smallest decisions, settling all of our conjectures, informing the installation of the lighting, and guiding the filming of the evening. We were at the mercy of our vision for the experience, which we sincerely hoped would ultimately do justice to the singer who was on was on her way.

Then she arrived, complete with her Native American ornaments and sideways looks. After a few short exchanges, she hinted to us that we weren’t the only ones who had been fantasizing the other; Feist had her own idea of the Blogothèque experience. She began by reorienting our potentially overambitious plans. Next she aligned the whole ensemble , while also replacing, adjusting, and quickly playing to our vision (as well as my urge to push her to do more). All the afternoon leading up to the soirée, she responded to the demands during the same time that she transformed the stage into her playground: a space to both entertain and deliver an impeccable show.

See for yourself, although the event can be summed up in a couple of images: first, Feist like a little girl plotting a surprise at the beginning of the evening, and then Feist at the end, resting her brow on the microphone after an impassioned song.

Translated by Ariel Lauren Wilson