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Leticia Novaes is a rare character. She dances, floats in space and pushes her songs with flawlessness without ever being overbearing. Not only is the music from Letuce, her group with a dadaïste flair, unique in the Brasilian soundscape – though still retaining that soft ‘saudade’ – her presence alone, in front of a camera or not, is absolutely magnetic.

It was a Brasilian summer, a little bit before carnaval, we had the desire to show another side of Rio de Janeiro and avoid the southern neighborhoods, to spend the afternoon in an working class park in the north of the city, at Quinta de Boa Vista. One afternoon to wander and act like kids again, running in the grass and splashing in the water.

And Leticia in the middle, how to say, disarming. Her every movement filled with a vast and complete sincerity, always poised and always fair.