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Hey Rosetta! : Episode Two

We often meet bands for a very short time. There is no other choice. You see, when we film bands they are usually on tour, so their time is very limited. But even though our time is short with them, we often come away feeling like we’ve just shared a special moment among new friends. In fact, we feel lucky to say that we have become friends with many of the bands that we’ve filmed.

This is definitely the case with Hey Rosetta! Two years ago we filmed a Take Away Show with them and ever since then we have managed to stay in close contact. Every time they’ve come through town we share beers together and watch their shows.  This January they were coming through San Francisco once again and they really wanted to film something new. Without hesitation, I called a dear friend of mine who lives at a convent in San Francisco. She cleared a room for us and invited her houseguest to watch.

We filmed a song and then they rushed to their sound check. As usual, we met up for a few drinks and then we saw our dear Hey Rosetta! friends leave us once again. That is, until the next time they roll through town.