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Bird en Boucle



I remember a brief conversation with Andrew Bird, after his concert at the “Route du Rock” Festival in Normandy in 2009. I ask him what he plans to do after his festival tour is over. He smiles and tells me that he’s going to relax. It’s been eleven years since he last took a break, he says, and he plans to head to Californa, play some video games and breathe easy.

Then nothing, as promised. Until the beginning of this year, when we learned that a new album was in the works. And then it was back, our desire put a camera in front of him, to do something once again with this incredible artist.

Only, what could we do? Redo a Take Away show ? No, it was perfect. Reorganize a Pocket Party ? No, impossible to recreate the magic of his encounter with St. Vincent. We receive a copy of the album, we listen to it , and note the importance of loops. We think back to his socked feet playing the pedals during the Pocket Party. We’d like to play with loops.

What if – we filmed each loop? And we replicated visually what heard was being looped? The idea takes flight, and on our journey we meet the people of Radio France. They offer to coproduce the project, to lend us studio 106, as well as their sound engineers. We also meet François, who would like to try to program it in HTML5. And we talk to Vimeo, who offered to store the video.

Et voilà, an entire afternoon of filming, during which Andrew remarks: “I think that the recording of the album version took less time”. Then, days and days of editing during which the editor, Julie, would effectively lose her mind organizing the loops and making sure tht none were missing. Days, as well as nights of programming for François, who was trying to ensure that the site would work even on old computers.

And finally, the site, the video. Which really illustrates the power of Andrew Bird who, by himself, generated an orchestra of loops, using all of the nuances of his instrument, layer after layer. We wanted an Andrew Bird Orchestra. Here it is.