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Sea Of Bees

The change of seasons in NYC is always a grand production. In the fall, as the costumes fade to grey and everything around engages in a gradual and introspective decay, the city begins to take stock of itself. Self-reflection reigns, and naivety is shelved for the season. When the long winter ends, though, life returns to the parks, the soil returns to the air, and mischief takes hold of children’s hearts. At the very start of what would be an almost endless warm season in the city, Julie Baenziger walks through Fort Greene Park with friends and watches a few garden pirates clip contraband tulips, an impromptu dance competition strikes up, a makeshift roller coaster ride is claimed.

We join Sea Of Bees, a local configuration of which included Amber Padgett and Allen Farmelo, near where Jules has set up shop for a week of performances. There is no one who embodies the season of youthful energy and reborn curiosity for the world than Jules. A hawk visits the scene, a dog sniffs at the breeze. Her songs lead us down the pathways of the park, through the bustling neighborhoods with the population sitting in the streets, porches and cafes overflowing, all reawakening their senses and unsurprised by the music that parades down their streets.

We continue on the prison ship martyr’s monument, a column commemorating the fallen prisoners of the American Revolutionary War, under which lies a crypt containing the final resting place of 150 of those who died before being freed into a new spring of their own. On this day, it is buzzing with the laughter of children harmonizing with the high-reaching melodies of Jules and her friends.

When our time has run out, we make plans to see each other again in the evening. After this is done, it is still not enough. Anyone who spends time with Jules that week feels the same. An ambassador of the season that marshalls in the unrestrained, Dionysian days ahead, her voice remains the perfect complement to the rebirth of our favourite city.