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They were practically the only Englishmen in a sea of American indie. They seemed a bit remote, shy but joyful. There were many bands and we knew that Stornoways’s best assets were their voices and the harmonies they created. They could have come with their hands in their pockets. But they didn’t. Guitars of course, but also a banjo, a cajón, a bass, a trumpet…They brought everything along. We didn’t go very far. It was on a saturday morning at la Villette, a place that turned out to be more lively than we expected. There were many strollers, children, groups of youngsters sleeping off their friday night drinks, photographers and their models. There were mirrors, steles. A nice backdrop ensuring a smooth filming of the session, with indolent bunches of spectators.

When we told him that we would hide the band behind the steles, the singer asked if it wouldn’t be too cheesy, he laughed. Then he played along.

Translated by Irène Clevenot