La Blogothèque


We were exhausted. It was the last day of a grueling SXSW and the night before we had stayed up all night singing, drinking, and dreaming with a past Blogotheque band.

That morning Typhoon was already late for a very important show and only had thirty minutes to spend with us. They had played a ton of shows that week and were growing excessively tiered.

Any responsible set of people would have rescheduled this session for another time. Normally, that would have been the smart thing to do.

But at this instant, we couldn’t have cared less about what seemed “smart.” We HAD to do this session at THIS moment. It was too important for all of our creative energies. So we rushed over to the band as fast as we could. They were staying in a hippie house just outside of Austin filled with all sorts of hidden treasures. And as luck would have it there was a giant tree in the backyard.

Without hesitation we organized the Typhoon army, all 10 of them, in and around this wonderful dreaming tree. Softly Kyle Morton starting singing and from that moment on his powerful voice orchestrated every move.