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Plants And Animals

This year, I don’t know what happened, but I’ve been absolutely delighted musically.

After a drought that lasted a couple of months, there had been, in quick succession, Efterklang, Hjaltalin and for the twentieth Pocket Party : Plants and Animals, my favorite from 2008.

The three Canadians unloaded with their arms full. They were carrying with them a couple of guitars and a drum that would later sit mounted in the middle of the room, annoying the sound engineers who were a little worried about what was taking place: amplification and inevitably sound levels quite unusual for a Pocket Party.  We had to keep moving, there was no going back : we laid more cables than normal, and for the price of dangerous acrobatics we were able to mount a lamp in the tree in the street. Finally,  we invited more than the reasonable amount of people…

In the little house in Montreuil, the audience was spread everywhere; from the stairwell to behind the couches. The only space that wasn’t yet occupied was the couch next to Warren. There was some reluctance to come sit alongside a singer who wasn’t completely at ease himself. In his own words, it wasn’t really his cup of tea, you have to understand, to “show up at a party and play some Bon Jovi”.

But recognize that standing a table changes something, gives one confidence. Once the artists were on the tables, everything crescendoed, in both volume and intensity. Timidity was over: someone sat down next to Warren, people stood, applauded wildly, screamed “Bye Bye Bye”, stomped their feet to the beat, shaking the floors below, and finally sang an epic rendition of “FaerieDance”, a song that seemingly never ended.

That very night, during those first couple of days of spring, our charming hosts opened their doors wide, and their windows perhaps a little too wide. Go figure that the Canadians could charm almost everyone except the neighbors.

Some photos from our hosts here.
Cover photo by Jacques Boisnais.