La Blogothèque


A band that says yes, that says no, a small window open to the only piece of sky backstage. But this piece of sky is inaccessible, the roof could collapse, and the security guard, faithful to the site’s reputation, doesn’t hesitate to run his mouth off warning us. Back to square one, not much further than we’d feared. Looking for what to play, finding it, playing around and peacefully calming down, celebration in our voices, not in our ears. No problem, though; the stolen moment is worth its truth. There are picky musicians, control freaks, poets, and then there are Wavves, a band out of the ordinary, oblivious to their ability to create summer hits. We can call this a punk film.

We won’t write twenty lines about it since everything is said in the video. To be played very loud, very late, surrounded by friends, very drunk.