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Misteur Valaire

(A short disclaimer for you connoisseurs of the interweb’s finest: this text is not the finest. We love this session, and sometimes we leave our pants untucked too.)

There are those among us who resist watching music videos, but nonetheless only know the Valaires through their videos: carefully shot and polished films, where they display their sharp and definitively Québéçois sense of masculine elegance with acumen, whether in a deserted alleyway or by poolside.

How will these control freaks , these dandies, survive the trials of a Take Away Show: completely improvised, shot in a symbolic Montreal barbershop?

We were deceived: they were roughly shaved, shirts untucked. They thought it was good form, when blowing into a saxophone, to keep their glasses on. They tried to hide their unkempt hair under scruffy caps.

And there they were, having pleased themselves by thinking that they could easily stir up a crowd, liven up a garden party: at Menick’s the older clientele sat still as clay, not even batting an eyelash.

Even worse, if you’re paying attention, is the second video, where the room is empty. No, really, they’re hipsters.