La Blogothèque

JP Nataf / Mathieu Boogaerts

I remember.

I remember that JP Nataf showed up early, calm, and he found the apartment big. Too big. He was expecting a more intimate location and a handful of spectators at his feet, close enough to him that he could sing softly, the way people speak.

I remember that Mathieu Boogaerts arrived a little later, with his bassist, and you could see the worry on his face. He also found the apartment too big, meaning that he had to be miked. We at the Blogotheque  are cute with our stripped down shows and whatnot, but Mathieu is a whisperer, his voice tiptoes lightly – it doesn’t gallop,  it prances.

So we begin to have some doubts. We set up some microphons and moved the musicians to the center of the room. Then, we spread the audience around the room, then to only one side. Then, we told them to sit, then stand , then once again spread out. An adorable game of discomfort that JP and Mathieu used as the narrative thread of the night : JP not knowing that to say so he tuned his guitar and Mathieu, who improvised a song parodying the situation.

All you have to see is the silence imposed by “Elle” or “Seul Alone”, songs that cleaned up everything, dumbfounded the public. Watch the faces that change throughout all the joking and the surprises of the of Mathieu’s jumpy grooves. Check out how, once in this delightful mess, the two friends created an wild party. We have on our files a cover of “You can call me Al”, a rocking jam session and a bloody mess, which means that whatever troubles we face at the beginning, we can always find a way to enjoy ourselves. Simply have fun.