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Colin Stetson

If ever there was a time to not write about music and to simply listen, this is it. Colin Stetson’s horns are played with an absolute and uncompromising authority. His accomplishments and collaborations are many and considerable. His discipline is unrelenting. He plays here alone in his home, a man at work to create a powerful orchestra of tones, a hydra-headed sound only to be experienced, not to be described.

Later, we descend into the practice space of Bell Orchestre, studio to 2/7th of Arcade Fire, now the scene of another sonic attack by Colin’s baritone. Ten minutes to spare before a tenuously populated schedule takes him away to the world where he is hired gun to Tom Waits, Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Godspeed, Bon Iver, he loads his weapon and fires with precision.

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