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Local Natives

There are encounters like this, encounters that can change your year. That hit you without warning. This one happened on a February night, during last winter’s Route du Rock festival. Since then, we haven’t let them out of our sights, and today we’re happy to bring you the second Local Natives Take Away Show, where the music is marvelous even if their shirts were a bit bizarre. This time they spent their extraordinary energy in the Passage Vivienne, not far from the Palais Royal, serving up a version of ‘Who Knows, Who Cares’ re-written especially for the occasion.

Of course, the rain loves interfering… Already part of the cast at our first meeting a few months before, part of our first session: a stunning, unexpected moment, during which the group from Silverlake didn’t stop moving, wanting to play everywhere, running around like kids. Our memory of this remains so strong that we wanted to recreate the moment. Their venue during the Inrocks festival in Paris provided the perfect opportunity. Caught in the rain once again, we had to reassess our plans. We couldn’t film outside, of course: the Passage Vivienne reached to us, with its colours, its lights, and its echoes. We just had to dare ourselves to break the passages’ silence, its calm. We knew we had only one chance to make it right.

But we also wanted to try something complicated, to play with this huge, convoluted corridor. Kelcey, Taylor, Matt, Andy and Ryan spread themselves out between corners and stairways. We’d been talking about this special version of ‘Who Knows, Who Cares’ while organizing the shoot. We wondered whether the piece would be a succession of layers or whether each musician would pick up on the others’ steps. We would never have time to film a progressing notation that needed adjustments… There’d be no retakes; we launched into it under the watchful eye of the passage’s caretaker, letting the magic take care of the rest.

That very night, Local Natives made La Cigale roar with one of the best concerts of 2010. After a marathon tour, they gave a sublime performance of their grandiose ‘Gorilla Manor’. Currently recording their second album, they are giving a concert at home: February 26 at the Walt Disney Music Centre in Los Angeles.

Le soir même, Local Natives fît rugir la Cigale pour un des meilleurs concerts de 2010. Après une tournée marathon, une prestation qui sublime leur grandiose “Gorilla Manor”. Actuellement en préparation de leur second album, impatiemment attendu; ils donneront un concert à domicile, le 26 février au Walt Disney Music Center de Los Angeles.

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Nat – Translated by Tara Dominguez