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If I would have to describe my early twenties in song it would most likely play a lot like a Stars song. That’s because nearly everything I did during those days, I would do it while listening to Stars. I would write, study, run, snuggle and most importantly, party, to Stars.

Stars is a band that enchants you. Their live shows are unapologetically dramatic, filled with energy and wrapped up with a weird sense of nostalgia. We’ve had an opportunity to shoot Stars a few times throughout the years but we never quite aligned until this moment. That night while I was getting ready to meet them, I remember thinking to myself, “I have to get them to play Your Ex-Lover is Dead.” I had come up with different reasons and approaches as to how I was going to get them to play it. But to my pleasant surprise, the first song that they suggested to play was this one. That’s when I knew that this night was going to be special.

We jumped in a cab and headed to North Beach, a beautiful part of San Francisco, filled with old beat generation artists, poets and drunks. It was fitting. It was perfect. It was Stars.